The Creepiest Kidnapping Photo You’ll Ever See

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: realizing their child has been abducted and there is little they can do. Every kidnapping is not only tragic, but also creepy to a certain extent.

But this one takes the cake and brings creepy to a whole new level. It’s the true story of 19-year old Tara Calico. She left her house to go for a routine bike ride on September 20, 1988, at around 9:30am. When she didn’t return at noon, like she told her mother she would, her mom called the police and they began searching for the missing young woman.

The only clues found were remnants of her Sony Walkman and cassette tape, discovered along the route she was biking. But Tara, and even her bike, were nowhere to be found. Some witnesses reported seeing a pickup truck that was allegedly following her, but it was never confirmed and the lead didn’t lead the police anywhere.

The Disturbing Photo of Tara Calico

Fast forward to June 15, 1989, a little less than a year after Tara was kidnapped. A Polaroid photo was found in a convenience store parking lot in Port St. Joe, Florida. The picture is believed to be that of Tara and another young boy who hasn’t been conclusively identified. In the picture, both have their hands bound with tape over their mouths.

A girl believed to be Tara Calico and an unidentified boy bound and gagged.

There has been some controversy about whether or not the girl in the picture is really Tara. Her mother said she believed the girl was her daughter based on what looks like a scar on her leg. Police determined the picture was taken sometime after May 1989 because the film used to take the picture was not available until after that date.

The identity of the boy in the picture is even more of a mystery. Some claim the boy is Michael Henley, who disappeared in April 1988. Sadly, his remains were found in 1990, about 75 miles from where Calico was kidnapped. Police believe he wondered away from his campsite and died from exposure.

Since the first photograph was found, two more, believed to be of Tara, have been found but remain unreleased by police.

After more than 2 decades, Tara Calico remains missing. The only evidence is her Sony Walkman, cassette tape and a photo that sends chills down my spine every time I look at it.

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