Jeff Bezos’ Connection To Apollo 11…And Other Cool Facts About Amazon’s Founder

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You already know that Jeff Bezos started Amazon, the most successful e-commerce website in internet history. But there are plenty of facts about the internet mogul you probably didn’t know, like:

1. When Bezos was 3 years old he was caught trying to dismantle his crib with a screwdriver because he wanted to sleep in a “big boy” bed. Years later, he rigged his room with an electric alarm to keep his siblings out. Source

2. He went to Princeton University, intending to study physics. Instead, he graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Source

3. He assembled the Bezos Expedition Team and successfully recovered Apollo 11′s F-1 engines from the ocean floor. The engines were 14,000 feet below the surface and over 300 miles from the launch site. Source

4. He is a staunch supporter of gay marriage and donated $2.5 million to the group Washington United for Marriage that fought to keep gay marriage legal in Washington state. The group was successful and gay marriage has been legal in the state since December 2012. Source

5. In 1998, Bezos invested $250,000 in the fledgling search engine startup Google. If he had kept the shares, they’d be worth about $1.6 billion today. Source

6. Bezos originally to name his website “Cadabra.” But a lawyer misheard the name as “cadaver.” Amazon was chosen instead, partially because websites were ranked in alphabetical order at the time. He also thought about using the name “Relentless,” but was disuaded by friends who said it sounded too sinister. Still, Bezos registered the domain in 1994. The URL now redirects you to Amazon. Source

7. In high school, Bezos and his girlfriend started a summer camp for 4th, 5th and 6th graders called the DREAM Institute. Only 6 kids signed, paying $600 each. The camp’s required reading included everything from The Lord of the Rings to Treasure IslandSource

If you know any other cool facts about Amazon’s founder, don’t be shy. Share them below.

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