7 Reasons Why Theodore Roosevelt Was The Most Badass U.S. President

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“The mustache makes the man.”

1. Set up boxing matches in the White House where he challenged former professional boxers to fight. He ended up almost blind in his left eye after one of his opponents smash a blood vessel. Source

2. At the ripe age of 58, the ex-President volunteered to go to the front lines during World War 1. President Woodrow “sissy” Wilson said no. Source

3. When a man named Michael Finnigan stole Roosevelt’s boat while on a trip out west, Roosevelt responded by building his own boat, pursuing the thief down the river and giving them a good roughing up before sending them to Dickinson, North Dakota to face trial. Source

4. President Roosevelt was known to love his coffee. In fact, he drank almost a gallon a day! His son was even quoted as saying Teddy’s coffee cup was “more in the nature of a bathtub.” Source

5. Roosevelt was reported to have gone skinny dipping in the frigid Potomac Riverduring the freaking winter! Hot baths at home are for wimps.

6. Survived an assassination attempt. Would-be assassin John Schrank underestimated Roosevelt. He shot the President in the chest. The bullet penetrated a metal eyeglasses case and a folded up copy of a speech he was about to give. Roosevelt knew a little about anatomy and concluded the bullet didn’t penetrate his lungs. So instead of going to the hospital, he proceeded to give his planned speech in front of 10,000 people. He even showed them the blood on his shirt! Source

Even his speeches were badass enough to stop a bullet.

Even his speeches were badass enough to stop a bullet.

7. Roosevelt became the first President to fly in an airplane. On October 11, 1910 Teddy Roosevelt stowed his carry-on luggage, put his seat back up and fastened his seatbelt for a quick 3 minutes of air time. This came only 7 years after the Wright Brothers’ first successful flight. It should be noted that by 1910 Roosevelt was an ex-President. Nevertheless, it was still a first. Source

Watch Roosevelt’s Flight:

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