Amazon Giving Money To Book Lovers As A Result Of Antitrust Lawsuit

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If you’ve been buying Kindle books for the last few years, chances are you got a letter from Amazon informing you that you’re account has been credited to use for future ebook purchases. This is a result of a lengthy antitrust lawsuits filed by several state Attorneys General against several of the large publishing houses.

The lawsuits were a result of the publishing houses making a deal with Apple, which had just released the iPad and the iBook store, to increase prices and prevent Amazon from discounting their books.

Here’s the letter I received:

Good news! You are entitled to a credit of $11.45 for some of your past Kindle book purchases. The credit results from legal settlements reached with publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Penguin in antitrust lawsuits filed by State Attorneys General and Class Plaintiffs about the price of eBooks.


You don’t have to do anything to claim your credit, we have already added your credit to your Amazon account. We will automatically apply your available credit to your next purchase of a Kindle book or print book sold by, regardless of publisher. The credit applied to your purchase will appear in your order summary. If your account does not reflect this credit, please contact Amazon’s customer service.

For more information about the settlements, please visit


Your credit is valid for one year and will expire after 03/31/2015. If you have not used your credit, we will send you another email 90 days before it expires to remind you that it is still available.


Thanks for being a Kindle customer.

The Amazon Kindle Team


Settlement ID:


I should note that the amount each person receives will be different, based on how much you’ve spent on ebooks between April 10, 2010 and May 21, 2012.

According to the settlement FAQ posted on Amazon, the online retailer was not a party in these lawsuits and the publishers are the one providing the credits. The publishers funding these credits are Hatchette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Penguin.

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