One Year Later: 5 Things I Love About My Amazon Kindle

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I’ve had my Amazon Kindle for exactly one year now. I’ve read many, many novels on it, travelled with it and generally put it through it’s paces. What’s my verdict? Love it!

I should probably be more specific than just saying I have a crush on my eReader. Here are a few things that really stick out that make the Kindle the wonderful device it is:

1. Battery Life: I’m a stickler for a good battery life when it comes to electronics. I get irritated if I’m always having to charge something because the battery drains faster than I can kick back a forty-ounce of malt liquor. The Kindle battery life is very, very long. Since I bought it, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to charge it. Okay, maybe two hands. That’s still pretty damned good.

2. Ease of Use: I think every eReader will fall into this category. But in my experience, the Kindle is pretty much idiot-proof. When I took it out of the box I had it synced to my Amazon account within minutes and was loading it with my favorite Elin Hilderbrand (aff link)┬átitles. I buy a book on Amazon and it automatically downloads to my Kindle. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

3. Durability: This might seem like a trivial issue, that is, until your eReader crumbles through your hands like sand in an hour glass. The Kindle, however, feels solid. I bought a case for it and I’ve never worried about the screen cracking or the device breaking. This includes a cross-country trip with my toddler son. If it can withstand that, it can withstand anything.

4. Screen: The screen on my Kindle makes reading a pleasure. The page turns are snappy and the display is crisp. Over the last year there has been no change in the screen’s performance.

5. The massive size of the Kindle ebook store: Okay, this isn’t directly related to the Kindle itself. But having millions of titles to choose from, right at your fingertips, is a book lovers paradise. I’ve never had a problem finding, buying and downloading the book I wanted to read. Amazon makes it a seamless experience.

To sum it up, I look forward to another year with my trusty Kindle. It’s like that friend you take always take advantage of: It gives so much, yet asks for very little in return.

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