Pocketbook A 10 Tablet Bringing Ebooks To Russia (Video)

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are other eReaders on the market than just the Kindle, Nook and even the iPad (even though it’s way more than just an eReader). There are other options out there for consumers looking for something different.

Earlier today I was thinking about Russia. Don’t ask why. I decided to see what Russians are using to read ebooks. With no large chain bookstores in Russia, ebooks are perfect for a country with such a rich literary history.

A quick Google search gave me my answer.

What I found is called the Pocketbook A 10″ tablet, released in September 2011.  As the name implies, it sports a 10.1″ multi-touch display. It also has WiFi and optional 3G connectivity. And it’s powered by Android. Basically, it’s very similar to the Kindle Fire and Nook Touch.

The big drawback I see for the A 10 is a very skimpy 4GB flash memory. I have a lot more than 4GB of music! The good news is that it has a microSD slot that can support up to a respectable 32GB.

From what I’ve read, the Pocketbook family of eReaders are mostly seen in Russia and the Ukraine (I believe Pocketbook was started in the Ukraine). But they are available here in the US. The A 10 is priced at $299, but as of this writing, appears to be out of stock at the Pocketbook store. While it’s not the cheapest on the market, it is certainly worth considering.

I found a brief video showing off the features of the A 10. The display looks very crisp and it looks a little slimmer than the 1st generation iPads. Take a look for yourself:

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