While eReader Prices Drop, eBooks Are Becoming More Expensive

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I’m guessing that there will be many shiny eReaders wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree this year. Given that the price of eReaders has dropped to below $100, they are becoming more affordable to more people.

When you go to buy ebooks though, the books might not be as cheap as they used to be. Over the last year or so the price of ebooks has been slowly creeping upwards.

Why? I think publishers are getting greedy. Actually, I know publishers are greedy.

That’s not the point though. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the increase in prices is because of the new agency pricing model publishers have adopted:

The digital price increases are the result of a decision by the six biggest publishers to set their own consumer e-book prices, a move that effectively bars retailers from discounting their e-books without permission. No such agreement exists for printed books—where retailers are free to set their own prices. So while a best-selling e-book price is often less than half of the hardcover price, heavy discounting of the print version closes the gap.

The article goes on to say that publishers generally agree that $12.99 for a bestseller is a fair price. For me personally, $12.99 is at the high end of what I’d pay for an ebook. Even then, I better really want to read that book for me to pay that much.

I don’t think slightly higher ebook prices will keep people from buying eReaders. Publishers can only push the price so high before consumers just stop buying, or resort to downloading pirated ebooks.

What’s the most you’d pay for an ebook?

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