Sony Introduces New ebook Reader WiFi With Touch Screen

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Sony appears to be taking on Amazon directly with a shiny new eReader. The Sony Reader WiFi is the latest ebook reader offered by the electronics company, and it’s packed with features.

The Reader has a nifty touch screen. You can pinch and spread your fingers for easy zooming. And turning the pages is as easy as swiping your finger across the screen, which according to this article, is pretty smooth.

The real advantage the of the Reader WiFi is the amount of ebooks available:

Unlike the Kindle, it won’t lock you to one on-line bookstore (Amazon for the Kindle) as the sole provider of your reading material. The Sony Reader store now carries more than 2.5 million titles, but you can buy elsewhere, and it supports the public library e-book lending service that will let you borrow books from public libraries (11,000 at last count, but only in UK, US, and Canada at this stage). It’s also cheaper and lighter than the model it replaces, but still US$10 dearer than the Kindle at US$149.

The article goes on to mention that the battery life isn’t quite up to Kindle standards. For me this is a big deal. I’m a stickler for battery life and prefer not to worry about the battery dying on me while reading. In the case of the new Reader WiFi though, this probably wouldn’t be a deal breaker (if I were in the market for a new eReader, which I’m not).

Under the hood the Sony Reader WiFi sports 2GB of memory and is expandable with an SD card slot. While ebooks take up very little space, the expandable memory will come in handy if you want to load your eReader with audio books, music, pictures and so forth. In my book, it’s sacrilege to load anything onto an eReader other than ebooks.

I’m glad to see that Sony is still in the ebook game and updating their eReaders. They were one of the first major companies to sell eReaders and my first device was a Sony. Then Amazon came along with the Kindle and largely drowned them out. For a while I thought Sony eReaders would just disappear into obscurity. That’s not the case.

One thought on “Sony Introduces New ebook Reader WiFi With Touch Screen

  1. Doesn’t it seem like its a little late for Sony to just be now introducing a reader with Wifi? Hasn’t the Kindle had that for years?