Sex, College Students and Ebooks

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Note: I began writing this post in early August, before my blog got hacked, so it was put on hold. I decided to finish the post and publish it anyway, even though it’s a little outdated.

Just how desperate are college students to save money? It appears they are very desperate. They are so desperate that 73% of college students in a recent study said they’d give up sex to buy an ebook version of their textbooks instead of the traditional (more expensive) print:

College students dislike textbooks so much that 73% said they would give up dating, sex, or something else in their life just to buy an electronic version instead of a hardbound copy. This came from a survey by Kelton Research which was sponsored by education software startup Kno, so you can imagine how pleased they are with the results.

The study also said that 63% of students said they’d study more if they didn’t have to lug those heavy textbooks everywhere. I’m not sure how a lighter load translates into more studying, but I guess some students will find any reason to avoid studying.

As much as I love ebooks and as much as I evangelize their magical powers, I’m not quite sold on ebooks being used as textbooks. When I need to study from a book, I do prefer print.

I do think e-textbooks will overtake their print counterparts as demand for lower price texts continues to increase. College students are cash-strapped as it is, so any savings, especially with ridiculously overpriced textbooks, would be a very welcome relief.

Whether or not I’d personally be willing to give up sex for lower cost e-textbooks, well…

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