Multi-Platform Ebook Service Coming Soon (but not in the US)

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This is an ebook lovers dream come true: Customers can buy ebooks and seamlessly read them across multiple devices. We’d finally have peace and harmony in the world.

Ok maybe not. But that dream is coming true in Japan, where four tech companies, including Sony, have entered into an agreement to allow ebook reading across different eReaders.

Engadget explains:

Don’t look now, but there’s some major synergy going on in Japan’s e-book market, now that Sony, Panasonic, Rakuten and Kinokuniya have all joined forces on a new digital quest. Today, the quartet of companies announced they’re working on a system that would allow users to purchase and read content across their respective e-readers, injecting the e-cosmos with a heavy dose of free love and good vibes. Under the new service, customers would be able to manage their downloads and browse bestsellers within a centralized web-based marketplace, regardless of the device they go to bed with every night.

Just imagine if Amazon and Barnes & Noble partnered up so all ebooks would be compatible on the Kindle and Nook.

The closest we can get to this ebook utopia is if all publishers adopted non-DRM ePub as their standard format. This would, no doubt, help increase ebook sales and decrease piracy.

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