Kobo Android App Shows Your Reading Statistics

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Kobo added a nifty little feature to their Android eReading app: Showing you the nitty-gritty statistics of your reading habits.

The numbers give you everything from reading times, average number of pages read, pages per hour and a bunch of other stats.

Here’s the press release from Kobo’s website:

Great news for our loyal Android customers… now the Reading Life experience for Android has Reading Statistics!

Previously only available on iOS and our new eReader, Reading Statistics can show you your unique eReading fingerprint, by displaying:

  • Number of hours read per eBook
  • Number of pages per hour
  • Number of minutes read per session
  • How much time and pages turned on your current read
  • How many eBooks and pages completed in total
  • Your total reading time

These new stats also sync to the cloud, so they are available on your iPad, iPod Touch, or Kobo eReader Touch Edition!

I’m not a numbers guy, as my college degree in literature and philosophy shows, but I enjoy seeing such statistics about my habits for one activity or another.

Perhaps these stats will give you some bragging rights about how big of a bookworm you really are.

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