Follow-up: Reading On My Amazon Kindle

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I just want to write a quick post and follow-up about my experience with my new Amazon Kindle WiFi. I’ve had it for almost a week now. There are only three words to describe my reaction to this device: I’m loving it!

First, reading on it is a pleasure. The crisp e-ink display is easy on the eyes. I can read for hours with no eyestrain. Also, there’s nothing to distract me from what I’m reading, so I can become blissfully immersed in the novel.

Secondly, browsing for and buying books is a breeze. I haven’t bought too many ebooks yet (I still have quite a backlog of books to read), but I have downloaded quite a few samples – preventing myself from buying a lot of bad books and saving money.

I’ve also signed up for a trial subscription of The New Yorker. This is my first time reading a periodical on an eReading device. So far I’m impressed. The navigation is about as easy as can be expected. I’m still undecided if I want to pay for a full subscription. That decision has more to do with my wallet than anything about the digital version of the magazine itself.

Finally, the seamless interface between my Kindle and Amazon account is a breath of fresh air compared to my Sony Pocket Edition Reader, where I had to sync it with Sony’s ebook software, which has much to be desired.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with the Barnes & Noble Nook, so I won’t say the Kindle is better. I can say, however, that I’d recommend the Kindle over the Sony Reader. The crappy Sony software is a deal killer.

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