Breaking News Spawns New Ebooks

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One of the great things about ebooks is that they can be published very fast and into the hands of consumers in a short amount of time. With print, the book needs to prepared, printed, stored and shipped.

So when major news breaks, like the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden, authors are able to publish (usually self-publish) their books within weeks of the event.

Mediabistro posted an article that explains:

It’s been little more than a week since President Barack Obama announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the eBooks are already popping up.

The article continues:

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden, a self-published title by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, is already for sale in the Kindle store.

The only problem with the rush to get an ebook out so fast is quality control. Quality should never be sacrificed. This means editing for spelling, grammar, flow, etc. It also means formatting the ebook so it looks good on whatever device the book is being read on.

Even in ebooks by bestselling authors that are published by one of the big houses are riddled with errors. Ebooks still struggle with quality. I hope publishers address this issue, especially with the skyrocketing popularity of ebooks.

Nevertheless it’s still nice to see a new media emerging in the world of current events. Ebooks go far beyond the articles you read in the news and can add further dimensions to a story by providing much more detail and insight.



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