Don’t Buy Another Ebook Until You Read This Post

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I’ve purchased a lot of ebooks since I bought the 1st generation Sony eReader back in 2007. Most of the books I bought were really good, but others I didn’t even finish.

Because of the ‘convenience factor’ ebooks have (you can buy them on a whim without a trip to the bookstore), it’s easy to start buying ebooks without much thought. And even at the average price of $9.99 a pop, it adds up fast.

Let’s face it, not every book we buy is a ‘winner.’ I’ve bought some pretty bad books in my life. I’d hate to add up how much I’ve spent on bad books. It’s pretty depressing think about.

Always Download The Free Sample

With ebooks, if you see a book you think you might want to read, download the free sample first! The free sample is the digital equivalent of flipping through a print book in the book store while sipping your mocha latte.

Since I started using the Kindle app on my iPad as my main ereading platform, I’ve downloaded a lot of ebook samples. In doing so, I’ve saved myself a lot of money. I can usually tell if I’ll like a book pretty early on (although there have been exceptions).

My only real complaint about samples, at least with the Kindle app, is that when I want to buy the book it takes me to Amazon’s mobile website where I have to purchase and download the entire book.

Then, when I go to my Kindle library, it shows the sample and the full version. After going through all that, I have to find where I left off in the book But those minor inconveniences are well worth it if it means saving myself a few bucks on bad ebooks.

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