Where Is Ebook Quality Control – Wake Up Publishers!

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I’m currently reading Nantucket Nights (aff link) by Elin Hilderbrand (Yes, I’m a guy who likes Elin Hilderbrand. Don’t laugh.). Anyway, I’m reading the ebook version. While the story is great, the book itself is riddled with typos.

There are misspellings, punctuation in the wrong places and the like. This is not an isolated case either. Most ebooks I’ve read have an unusually high number of errors. My wife is currently reading Freedom (aff link) by Jonathan Franzen on her iPad’s Kindle app and she has observed the same thing.

My question is: Where is the ebook quality control? If ebooks want to continue to be taken seriously we need to continue the rigorous editorial standards that exist for print books.

This applies to traditional publishers, big-name authors, indie authors and everyone in the middle. Anyone involved in the publishing of an ebook needs to ensure they are producing the highest-quality content possible.

The consequences of this sloppy ebook editing will be decreased sales and we’ll see the legitimacy of the ebooks questioned.

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