Ebook ‘Singles’ Could Mean Big Gains For Amazon

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Amazon.com recently announced the Amazon Singles, ebooks that are between 30 and 90 pages that will be priced much lower than Amazon’s usual $9.99 ebook price point.

The new program allows authors who have not yet written a full-length novel to get their work out on Amazon’s huge publishing platform. In other words, it lets them test the waters. It also lets authors publish their shorter works which might not fit into any other category.

While authors will benefit greatly, Amazon will benefit the most in increased revenue and ebook market share.

This Forbes article explains why Amazon Singles could greatly benefit the online retailer:

The introduction of shorter format e-Books could create more upside to our estimate of e-Books revenues. Although these shorter format e-Books are expected to be priced lower than traditional e-Books, we expect revenues to be compensated through higher unit sales.

The article also explains that Amazon has an estimated ebook market share of 70% to 80%. It’s predicted that ebooks could become a “billion dollar business for Amazon.”

I think Amazon would be smart to introduce a bare-bones Kindle that is priced at $99 or below. That would allow more frugal customers to enter the ebook fray without making a huge investment. A discount Kindle would also peal customers away from Barnes & Noble, which is heavily pushing their higher-priced NookColor and phasing out the Nook 3G.

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