Scholastic Helps Students Learn With Enhanced eBooks

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A short article from Publishers Weekly reports that Scholastic Books is digitizing their True Books non-fiction series. According to PW, the books will be greatly enhanced with a lot of different resources to help kids get excited about learning and making the subjects more accessible:

The site has enhanced e-books, videos, articles, images, and related media, and is aimed at students in grades 3 to 5, focusing on science and social studies.

The article continues:

For each topic, students can watch a video, read a flipbook version of the book (with page-turning and read-along features, chapter tabs, and vocabulary terms identified and defined), and read related content such as primary source documents and articles from Grolier Online.

Once again ebooks are showing their versatility and how they can enhance learning. Back when I was reading Scholastic books (I feel old saying that), we read the book and that was pretty much it. If we didn’t understand something, we could ask someone like a teacher or parent, or maybe even dust off the old Encyclopedia Britannica.

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