Google Launches eBookstore

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Google launched their much anticipated eBookstore. The new ebook retailer touts access to all your ebooks wirelessly in the “cloud.” This lets users sync their device with their ebook library.

One of the big advantages of the new Google eBstore is that it doesn’t tether you to any specific device. Ebooks are compatible with all Android devices, iPhone/iPad, Kindle and the B&N Nook.

Looking at Google’s eBookstore, the layout is very clean and uncluttered. They also have a huge selection of ebooks, including new releases. You can search for ebooks in each category or search their entire library. Also, it looks like you can read ebook samples.

But like all the major ebook retailers out there, the prices are all over the board. For example, if you look at the New Releases section, the prices range from $9.99 to about $14.99. I wish the prices would stay down toward the $9.99 range all around. But it seems like the price of ebooks is being forced upwards by the publishing companies.

A recent CNN article notes that Google isn’t trying to undercut their competitors:

Google is “definitely not coming out to try to undercut anybody” on e-book prices, Kirkland said. Instead of trying to price slightly below competitors, Google has developed a book pricing equation to determine the best prices, he said. Prices for several best sellers appeared to be about the same as those on competitor sites, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Google’s eBookstore stands out because they are compatible with multiple eReaders. This should put Amazon and Barnes & Noble on notice. People want choice. They want to shop around for the best deal. How Amazon and B&N will react is yet to be seen.

I’m happy to see another eBookstore out there. I’ll probably start shopping for ebooks on Google to, at the very least, compare prices.

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