Review: ‘The Abigail Affair’ by Timothy Frost

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I’m always on the lookout for good authors that I believe are greatly underappreciated. Timothy Frost is one of those authors. I previously read his novel Final Passage (aff link) earlier this year – which I gave a rave review. The cool part was, I picked the book on a whim to read on my iPhone whenever I had a few moments to spare. I couldn’t put the book down.

So when I found out that Timothy Frost had released The Abigail Affair (aff link), I jumped at the opportunity to read it. Only this time I downloaded it to my Sony Pocket eReader.

This novel is escapist reading at its best. The plot is full of twists and turns and plenty of adventure. It’s one of my favorite types of novels – a page turner.

The story centers around Toby Robinson, who is a ‘lost soul,’ skipping from job to job. Toby borrowed money from his parents and pretty much used up all of their good will. He finally ends up traveling from Britain to the Caribbean to take a job as a crewman aboard the super luxury yacht Amelia.

As determined as he is to make this job work out, the eccentric, abusive and sometimes downright violent Russian owner of Amelia tests Toby’s patience to the limits. He even tries to jump ship before the yacht pulls anchor and heads to sea. But he’s caught on the pier by a shady first-mate who forces Toby back to his duties.

Once at sea, one of the prostitutes the Russian owner brought on board turns up dead in Toby’s cabin. Toby denies anything to do with the death – which is obviously a murder. Toby soon learns though that a dead prostitute is the least of his problems.

I don’t want to give much else away and ruin the rest of the novel because it’s worth the read to find out how it ends. Enjoy the ride!

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